Choosing a Spine Surgeon: Things to Consider

So you’ve tried everything else, and you’ve now found you have no choice but to undergo spinal surgery. This can be a scary time in your life, and it’s imperative that you choose the right spine surgeon to help you rest more easily throughout the process. What are some of the things to consider when choosing your spine surgeon?

What Are Their Qualifications?

One of the first things to look at is the qualifications because you only want the best spinal surgeon to work on your spine. Do they only have minimal qualifications? Or have they spent years studying and remaining dedicated to the field? Equally important, what types of surgeries and patients do they currently undertake? Do they make every effort to keep up with the latest developments in spinal surgery? You can typically find reviews of doctors online, as well as check on any achievements or awards they have received throughout their career.

What Experience Does Your Spine Surgeon Have?

The next thing to look at is the amount of experience they’ve had in the field of spinal surgery. Have they been practicing for many years? Or are they fairly new to the field? The most important aspect in terms of experience is the amount of procedures they’ve successfully carried out. Do they have a long list of previous patients who are happy with the results of the surgery? Try to get as much info as you can about their previous experience.

What Technology and Equipment Do They Use in Their Procedures?

The other thing to look at is the equipment they use for their procedures. What technology does your potential spinal surgeon have at their practice? Do they have the latest technology, and do they keep up with the latest technology? Minimally invasive spinal surgery is by far the best option in terms of recovery and healing time, so be sure to learn what kind of spine surgeon you can utilize based on your particular situation and what equipment and procedures they use.

Do You Even Need Spinal Surgery?

Finally, it isn’t always the case that you need spinal surgery. A good spine surgeon will only use surgery as a last resort. Has your spine surgeon tried as many other procedures as possible to fix the problems you’ve had with your spine? Have you seen different spine surgeons to get different opinions? Spinal surgery is not something to rush into, so be sure you’re certain that it is your only option, and then do research before committing to a particular spine surgeon.

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